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He says he wanted to see what the place was like at night.

He apologizes for scaring her and says he wouldn't ever want her to be scared of him.

Lyndon tells Emily about meeting Jenna the other night at The Brew. Lyndon asks Emily about her relationship with Paige but then spots Garrett next to the elevator.

Paige appears to be jealous of Emily talking to Lyndon and starts to drink from a flask. Lyndon goes after Garret but is held back by the police escorts.

They talk for a while about missing Maya and wanting revenge for her death.

Later on, Lyndon goes back to the cabin and spots Emily there.

He responds by alluding to the fact he would be interest in dating Emily instead if she were into guys.

Emily then gets Ce Ce and asks her to ring up their purchase.

Lyndon is under the impression that Jenna and Emily are friends. Lyndon mentions that Jenna knew Maya because Maya gave her a ride to school a few times.Lyndon and Emily walk into Ce Ce's boutique and Ce Ce greets them.She tells them that they just got new scarves they might like to check out. Germain's Stalker (exposed) -Was really named Lyndon James (exposed) -Killed Maya (exposed) -Pretended to be Maya's Cousin (exposed to Emily) -Knew that Jenna saw him the night he killed Maya (exposed) Lyndon was a mentally ill man who moves to Rosewood after the death of Maya St.Germain, under the alias of her cousin, Nathan "Nate" St. Lyndon comes to town as a Hollis College transfer student, where he is as a bad boy studying to become an architect and becomes fast friends with Emily.

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Emily is a bit confused because Maya never mentioned she had a cousin coming to Hollis.

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