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So rather than massive set pieces, I’d like to show you cooler and more intricate ones.Speculation is mounting that newly-single Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves are dating, after the pair were snapped in an intimate embrace in Beverly Hills.Fifteen years after that movie’s smash success, he knew those guys aspired to direct, and Reeves brought them a project he was developing about a retired assassin who goes on a bloody revenge spree after a group of thugs off his dog. “Just good clean fun,” he says of the movie, with its super-stylized violence, insane body count, and wry tone. “But not ha-ha funny.”) It was an odds-defying hit: Made on a small, million budget, it grossed million worldwide, cementing Reeves’ status, once again, as one of Hollywood’s most appealing and bankable action heroes. Bigelow cast a 26-year-old Reeves as an FBI agent embedded with a band of bank-robbing surfers led by Patrick Swayze.He first hit it big in comedy, in 1989, with the ridiculous Reeves’ first (but hardly last) surprise hit, earning a sequel, but nearly 30 years later people still talk about a reunion—an effort Reeves supports. It was another ridiculous premise, another huge hit for Reeves.“Currently I’m acting as prep director,” Stahelski said. Of course—I would love to (return).” Reeves gets his hands dirty when he prepares to play Wick, going through intense gun tactical training and fight training, and he would be ready to do it again once production gets closer to starting.This time around, the world of John Wick could expand even more.“Keanu is the most persistent, non-giving-up guy you’ll ever meet,” says Stahelski. He wants to the part.” Reeves loves pushing himself during his action sequences, though he rejects the word “stunt” for anything he does himself. So, yeah, I do as much action as I possibly can, because I love it—and I love the opportunity to bring the audience along. Since , where fights that could have been allotted five days might get two, it means no room for error. Unless you need the dough, which is a good enough reason.” Of course, Reeves, who allegedly took in millions for his work on movies alone, doesn’t need the dough.

' But I would assume that, if not by the end of this year, the beginning of next year.” , it’s likely Stahelski will handle things on his own again if he’s back.“At the beginning, I didn’t even know where to put my feet,” he says.“So it was a lot of me learning the basics.” By the time he flew to New York and Rome to shoot , which expands the mythology behind Wick’s order of assassins and reunites Reeves with The Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne, he was a bona fide judo expert. I’ll shoot some guns, flip some people—and that’s action.“It would be absolutely fantastic and ridiculous to play those roles again,” he says. “It was pulpy, it had a real energy,” says Reeves (who hasn’t seen 2015’s failed remake).“I’ve met people over the years who said, ‘I started skydiving because of that movie,’ or ‘I started surfing because of that movie.’” Reeves jumped from a plane once during production to get a taste of what it’s like, but he says that his co-star, Swayze, really caught the bug.

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The irony is that Reeves isn’t a native Californian, or even an American.

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