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begin Ashton Clapp, the wife of driver Trevor Bayne, is absolutely one of the most attractive wives in the world of NASCAR.

Luckily, you can see her in the pit or in the stands of nearly every single race which her husband is driving in.

Many of the industry’s best engineers work specifically to make NASCARs faster.

And of course, what would NASCAR be without the girls?

Her father, John Paul Linville, was a NASCAR racer, and she actually went to her first ever race at three years of age.

So it’s no wonder that she married into the sport, wedding driver Kevin Harvick.

Jeff Gordon is so popular that even if you do not follow racing that you you still probably know who he is.

Stock car racing in general and NASCAR in particular was born out of the backwoods of Appalachia during the prohibition era of the 1920s.

The drivers were part of smuggling operations, taking illegal beverages from the stills in the backwoods and mountains of Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, etc, and running it to towns and cities across the country and across their states.

Now she can be seen in the pits of her husband’s racing team.

But perhaps the best part about her – from AJ’s perspective at least – is the fact that she is a chiropractor. De Lana Harvick is a NASCAR legend in her own right.

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In order to really move fast and outwit the police, the drivers souped up their engines and modified their cars to drive fast and handle with pin point accuracy in order to handle the mountainous hairpin turns.

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