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And still how many can they show before they piss everyone off? So why not do the smart thing, start early and paywall some of that coveted content. Most likely because I already hold very struct opinions about productivity and what’s worth optimizing and what is not.I seriously don’t think that having your social updates or even email pop up on your wrist is an improvement of anything.Or annoying everyone with ads, especially when your platform is hugely prohibitive to ads. Let’s say you follow 400 people on Instagram [which is already insane because there is NO way you can go through all of their updates at a time].

“I started writing a blog almost 8 years ago, maybe more.

I was clearly not going to be a professional blogger. I missed my life in Romania, my friends, my flat, my R2D2 doll.

My profession is digital marketing and, as it happens, blogging is a small part of that, but I was not going to make money from writing on my blog. One year on, I still miss some of that: the friends mostly, but I have a new flat I am growing to like, and my life in London is not too bad, made a bit better by working in a great place and a few kind people who take care of me (Andreea, Andreea, Stefan, Adriana, Ben, Tom, Christina, Nik, Dragos, Gabi, Mihnea and recently Sanziana and Adriana). Surprisingly well I might say but unwittingly so, because whatever has happened did not happen because my will power has improved.

The trouble with standardising responses is that people have a tendency to replace actual nuance with that standard.

Remember when “In a relationship” had become the ultimate badge of commitment?

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