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Photos can be shared through instant messaging programs, chat rooms, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, email and a variety of other programs.

However, photo sharing can raise some issues: Sexting refers to sending photos, videos or messages that are sexual in nature by cell phone or the Internet.

Or, Google could use this tech to make suggestions about who you might want to call based on your history, location, and time of day rather than just displaying recent calls.

There’s opportunity to use machine learning to translate speech in real time when chatting with someone in a different language, like Skype does.Even talking to someone like a school guidance counselor can help, and is better than not telling anyone about what’s going on.Just make sure you do tell someone, so that you have someone to support you and help you through this. Duo, which is available for i OS and Android and was first unveiled during Google I/O in May, will start rolling out Tuesday. Now Google is rethinking the video calling experience with a new app called Duo, designed specifically for mobile devices.

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But Duo is only available on mobile devices, unlike Hangouts, which can be used on both desktop and mobile.

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