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Quartz grains were rinsed finally in HCl (10%) to remove any insoluble fluorides. The purity of quartz separate was evaluated by petrographic inspection and point counting of a representative aliquot. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2006.01650.x Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Parshall, T., Foster, D. Attention was focused on bedding planes and unit contacts to assess if there were hiatuses in deposition, sometimes indicated by the presence of a buried soil or localized bioturbation. The recognition and lateral tracing of a buried soil is pivotal because this stratigraphic marker reflects probably landscape stability, associated with relatively mesic conditions. Cosmic-ray contributions to dose-rates for luminescence and ESR dating-large depths and long-term variations. Also, a low vegetation cover and a drier moisture status of the dune landscape in late fall and early winter may enhance further eolian transport (cf. Often the presence of snow and interstitial ice binds eolian particles to surfaces necessitating higher threshold shear velocities for transport (Barchyn and Hugenholtz, 2012; Ollerhead et al., 2013), though the sublimation rate may be an important factor in grain release (Vandijk and Law, 1995). The presence of snow ramparts and interstitial layers mostly composed of snow can enhance eolian accretion and dune movement (Koster and Dijkmans, 1988; Dijkmans and Mucher, 1989; Ruz and Allard, 1995). Late Quaternary water-level variations and vegetation history at Crooked Pond, southeastern Massachusetts. For example, in New Brunswick up to 50% of a forest area post-storm was affected with 600 mounds/acre (Foster and Boose, 1995, p. The pit and mound topography provides fresh grains for eolian transport and initiates ecological succession with pioneer species occupying the mound (cf. The recovery of coastal dune systems post-hurricane is also dependent on the frequency of succeeding storms (e.g., Houser, 2013) and thus, dune movement can be sustained with decadal to centennial periods of heightened hurricane/storm reoccurrence (e.g., Mann et al., 2009; Toomey et al., 2013).

This common coastal grass thrives where sand accretion rates are 5–40 cm/year (Maun and Lapierre, 1984; Maun, 1998; Maun and Perumal, 1999) and on Cape Cod promotes vertical accretion and horizontal extension of parabolic dunes (Forman et al., 2008). Sedimentary evidence of hurricane strikes in western Long Island, New York. Activation of this dune system reflects fundamental sedimentologic controls on sand availability and supply and the persistence of wind speeds that surpass a threshold (5 m/s) for particle entrainment (Fryberger and Dean, 1979; Pye and Tsoar, 1990, pp. The availability of sand for eolian transport is often mediated by the type and extent of vegetation cover on dunes, and may be further controlled by moisture availability, edaphic associations (cf. 600-year sedimentary archive of hurricane strikes in a prograding beach ridge plain, southwestern Louisiana. related to soil processes) and landscape disturbance (e.g., Sala et al., 1988; Mangan et al., 2004; Hugenholtz and Wolfe, 2005; Luna et al., 2011). The orientation these dunes indicates migration from the west to northwest, consistent with the wind drift potential during winter (Figure 2). The influence of seasonal precipitation and temperature regimes on lake levels in the northeastern United States during the Holocene. Eolian transport may dominate during the late fall to early winter with the common exceedance of threshold wind velocities (5 m/s) for eolian entrainment (Forman et al., 2008). doi: 10.1006/qres.2001.2273 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Shuman, B., and Donnelly, J.

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