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This company, which represented wealth and experience, was formed for the purpose of tapping in on the lucrative iron trade in the United States.The syndicate’s primary representatives were Welch metallurgist Thomas Whitwell, English iron master James Bowron, eminent fire-brick manufacturer Joseph Cliffe and a banker of Quaker descent by the name of Mr. The syndicate made two separate lands deals in the United States, which did not pan out for the required combination of minerals needed for the iron industry.These pioneers worked the land near the banks of the Tennessee River for agricultural purposes and planted orchards of apples and peaches on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.These early Marion County residents were widely spaced and no attempts were made to establish an organized community until after the American Civil War.South Pittsburg, Tennessee is located in Marion County on the west (north) side of the Tennessee River and borders the Alabama/Tennessee state-lines.The city, which currently has a population of about 3295 citizens, had its beginnings when English investors purchased the land near the banks of the Tennessee River for the establishment of a city destined to be the commercial hub of the mining and coke manufacturing operations in the Sequachee Valley.However, a moderate size cemetery on the side of South Pittsburg Mountain near Whitacre Point attests to the lives of many of these early pioneers with some graves dating back as far as 1829.

Great care was taken in the development of South Pittsburg as streets and avenues were graded and blocks with ample sized lots platted for the growth of the city in respect to commercial, industrial and residential needs.

These land purchases in east Tennessee resulted in the beginning establishment of the city of South Pittsburg.

This name being chosen to reflect the hope that the infant city would acquire a similar status as its Pennsylvania namesake of Pittsburgh where the iron industry dominated.

This change of names signified the establishment of a permanent community. With the roots of this new city just beginning to take hold, the growth of South Pittsburg, Tennessee would be greatly impaired in the year 1877 after unfortunate circumstances abruptly halted further development in the city and its iron trade foundation. Bowron died suddenly in 1877 before work on the city’s development was progressed much beyond the planning stages. Whitwell was killed in a mine explosion in 1878 just at the time that negotiations for the property of the Tennessee Coal and Railroad Company, which was to pass under the control of the English company, were approaching a head. This company and its investors with all its proper planning and execution of those plans for this iron trade endeavor and the communities born from it could not have foreseen the untimely death of so many of its leaders in so short amount of time.

The syndicate, however, did not whither away with the deaths of its leaders.

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