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They struggle with self-confidence and belief in themselfs. I enjoy single dating diva twitter, traveling, champagne, wine, scotch, flowers, horses, crooners, opera, and museums. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Please note that all comments are moderated and must be approved.

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It also made me chuckle because they based these stats on one of the millionaire dating sites, you know the ones, the sugar daddy ones. I do like to be spoiled, I mean who doesn’t, but I can take care of myself just fine. I was quite surprised to see that I wasn’t that popular at first. I had a friend who was much younger put in her profile too and she was a hit.Although I encouraged her to wait a little longer, they dated less than a year and were married in December!I trusted her judgement because she had transformed into a new, confident woman by the end of her 6th session and I was so proud of her!- Shay Williams Testimony: I am truly Thankful for you Shay!You helped me to recognize past pain, forgive those that have hurt me, be empathetic to see the reason behind their hurt, realize that I AM worthy of the love from a God fearing black man, I can be a wonderful wife and mother, I can draw great things to me from the universe and that I deserve to be happy. I would have never believed that before the end of the year I would be happily married and living in a new apartment!

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Together we can turn you into a savvy dater who attracts high quality prospects that will bend over backwards to be your mate.

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