Dating successful men

If you become the person who always pokes holes in his plan, you become his adversary. All he needs to see is that you’re on his side and willing him to get there, even if he knows his ideas are a little outlandish right now.He’ll feel antipathy towards you, and feel like he has to fight against your resistance. Even though you want to avoid excessive criticism, you still should definitely contribute and ask questions.

Within the first few dates an ambitious guy will typically open up to you about his dreams and plans.Every ambitious guy wants that feeling Jack Nicholson had in the film , when he tells Helen Hunt “You make me want to be a better man”.This isn’t about loving a guy for who he could be, it’s about loving him for that part of him that wants to aspire to more than he is.He is going to want to give you the same support that he gets from you: the best couples are able to feed off of each other’s energy and drive each other further.Him seeing you prioritise your own plans is going to reassure him that you’re independent and make you more intriguing.

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And ambitious men are turned on by women who encourage their ambition.

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