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Turn right along the road for 30 yards then cross over a stile through the hedge on the left.Passing to the right of a solitary tree, aim for the white post you can just see in middle of the facing hedge into a small green lane and turn left.The middle route has stunning views and a wonderful wildlife meadow to walk through, and the northern route includes tranquil lanes, wide open skies and some quiet woodland. Or to return along the northern route through the woods and open fields around Bicknacre, follow the instructions BA - BQ., walk east to the end of the access road and turn right along The Tye for about 350 yards, passing All Saints Church on your left and The Windmill Tavern on your right.This was the first All Saints Church and it stood for over 1000 years until there was a fire in 1883.The fire engine was summoned from Chelmsford by a messenger on horseback, but sadly, by the time it arrived the church had burnt down.

Go along the track for 100 yards until you come to some poultry sheds beside a line of trees. Walk along the lane for a third of a mile to the corner. Walk westwards along the path, and then cross another stile into a large field. Officially the footpath crosses this field diagonally to the left, but the path is often obstructed by crops and people generally turn left and walk around the field edge with the hedge on their left . Continue along the field edge towards the low huts ahead, then take the path to the left of the gate.

Gradually, the Romans left and the invaders gained land and stayed.

Not all the invaders were warriors, though: England was sparsely populated at the time, and many Saxon farmers also arrived, settled, and made a life here.

As you leave the beer garden turn left to walk along a footpath behind the pub, with a hedge on your left and paddocks on the right. Carry on for 220 yards, then turn right in front of the facing hedge and walk down a path and later a track almost to the bottom of the valley.

Turn left just before a stream, then 30 yards later, turn right to cross the stream. Walk up the slope with a hedge on your right for 150 yards, then fork left to walk north east along a path between newly planted trees towards a more mature specimen S.

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