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Various marine fish species and molluscs have now been developed for marine farming.Cultivation areas and output increased from 117 000 hectares and 415 900 tonnes in 1979 to 1.53 million hectares and 12.53 million tonnes in 2003.

In 2003 the paddy areas for fish farming were expanded to 1.56 million hectares with a total output of 1.024 million tonnes.

By breaking market monopoly and trade barriers among Chinese regions, China created an enabling environment for the market development of the aquaculture industry.

At the same time, scientific and technological advancement also paved the way for large-scale production of the Chinese aquaculture industry.

The most commonly farmed species are carps, Chinese bream and blunt-snout bream.

Since the 1980's, with increasing domestic and international market demand, various species have been developed or introduced from abroad for commercial cultivation in China such as Japanese eel ( Pond culture is the most popular and most important farming system in China, accounting for an estimated 70.54 percent of all inland aquaculture output in 2003.

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