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A contributor states: "this venue is not part of the (U. Berkeley) campus as previously reported." [It was apparently confused with event on 29-Apr-1978.] w/ Joan Jett. Dead Boys with special guest: Ross Friedman (Dictators); 3. Backed up by Ivan Kral, Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, Richard Sohl (Patti Smith Group); 5. They played "The First One" (written by Valentine), which he later recorded to start his solo career. Poster for this gig reads: Friars at the Maxwell (Vale) Hall Aylesbury / from new york city Blondie XTC / Tickets 175p from Earth Records Aylesbury; Sun Music H. This was featured in the July/August 1978 issue of Punk Magazine. By the end of the third song, those that didn't like it had shut up. Blondie performed with Ultravox and Nico, as well other famous Spanish artists and Latin-American. Setlist: X Offender, Little Girl Lies, Look Good In Blue, Man Overboard, In The Flesh, I'm On E, Love At The Pier, I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No, Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45), Kidnapper, Youth Nabbed As Sniper.Advertised in LA Times as "Blondie and Deaf School". Patti Smith Group with guest stars: Matthew Reich and Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult); 6. Auction I - Auctioneer: Handsome Dick Manitoba (Dictators); 8. A T-shirt exists for this gig listing; in bright pink lettering on a black shirt, "blondie does it / STARWOOD / Los Angeles, Calif. By the end of the set, I don't remember anyone not liking the group (not just because they were finished either)." (ticket stub) w/ The Kinks. Another source claimed the venue was "The Catalyst", but it was not, as confirmed by a friend of an employee who took photographs at this event. The Kinks archivist Doug Hinman indicates the venue is "Mc Farlin Memorial Auditorium, Southern Methodist University". We had a cancellation of Lou Reed, if I remember correctly. That show was part of the Canet Rock 78', in a village near Barcelona (Canet de Mar). But yes I confirm you that this show happened and it was very successful." (gig flyer) [*new*] w/ Boyfriends. Blondie's appearance on Musikladen (a legendary German pop show going way back to the 1960s) was officially released on DVD and 2-CD: DVD on Encore Music Entertainment (PA-99-616-D), and the 2CD on NMC Music (80094500071 0).An ad in the So Ho Weekly News (Vol.2 #15 pg.27) exists with them billed simply as Blondie. This was our jungle night show, with me, Tish, and Snooky dressed as jungle girls in leather skins tied with thongs and accented by bits of fur. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. The book was about a NY band from the mid 70s but I can't remember their name or the book." [*new*] Danny Fields writes about the revival of Jackie Curtis' play "Vain Victory "in his column on pg 44 of So Ho Weekly News Vol 3 No.Chris' statement is supported by John Holstrom, who wrote in his book "The Best of Punk Magazine" pg 177 (2012), "Blondie were the only band from the CBGB scene who also hung out at Studio 54; they played benefits for the Gay Liberation Movement, served as the CBGB house band, and were friendly with all the disparate elements of the 1970's rock scene." (ad listing) [*new*] Blondie and the Banzai Babies opening for Harlem Drive. In between sets, Fred freaked Chris out by telling him he was going to replace Richard Hell in Television over the weekend." The band performed two sets. 11 that "Blondie's band provided the spirited accompaniment and everyone was in top form." This is one of the first positive reports about the band.In an article in the May 22, 1975 So Ho Weekly News (Vol II No.33 pp 37 &41) entitled "Goodbye Liverpool, Hello Oblivion", Alan Betrock discusses the CBGBs music scene and mentions seeing 2 members of Blondie earlier that week. Actually that was the first time in public that a recording of Blondie was played in the Garden State.Gary Valentine states in his book (on page 80) that (with Alan Betrock, a journalist with the So Ho Weekly News and later the founder of New York Rocker) "In June 1975 we headed to a basement in Long Island, to make our recording debut on an eight track machine." They did a cover of the Shangri-Las "Out in the Streets" and four original numbers, one of which "The Disco Song", became "Heart of Glass". 74) Ramones with Blondie, from Johnny Ramone's notebook. I can also remember playing pinball with you and Debbie when your band came back to play at the club. Since then I have played in my own band The Chillers." Promo and booking and concept by Deborah Olin.94, exists: (ad listing) In his So Ho Weekly news column, (Vol. Replacing Richard temporarily will probably be the bass player of Blondie, and no doubt Television will continue as before, but Richard will be missed. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. Gig flyer exists: "CBGB Valentines Day Weekend Miamis and Blondie" (Feb 13,14,15) [printed in England] and an ad exists in the Village Voice Vol XXI No.7 pg 134 (ad listing) with Miamis and Razors Edge. I was in the DJ booth when a very nice couple(Chris and Debbie) came up to me and handed me two copies of X-Offender/In The Sun on Private Stock records.

Performed cover of "Time is Tight" - Booker T & MG's. Various radio shows and interviews by Rodney Bingenheimer broadcast on KROQ, exact dates unknown. Gig flyer exists for this group of three shows at Village Gate (Bleecker at Thompson). Concert poster: "RTL Blondie 18 Nov" (year not on the poster, but it is probably this one).That track, along with "Platinum Blonde" (which Alan "thought it best to tone some of the words down a bit") was later released by Chrysalis on "The Platinum Collection" in 1994. Songs were "Out In The Streets", Thin Line, Puerto Rico, Platinum Blonde, Once I Had A Love (The Disco Song) From "Parallel Lives - Blondie" by D. Rock festival (Blondie, Tuff Darts, Talking Heads). 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. Deborah provided the poster image and says that NY rock productions is on all the newspaper ads and tickets.Setlist (documented from information at Little Girl Lies; In The Flesh; Moonlight Drive; Charlotte the Harlot; Platinum Blonde; Man Overboard; Thin Line; Heat Wave; Attack of the Giant Ants. 41 pg 30 Ramones with Blondie, from Johnny Ramone's notebook. She also settled all of the confusion about this date: there was only one time they played; the person who did the poster misspelled the name - it is correctly spelled "Quando" (a Spanish word and the name of a Puerto Rican group trying to help the neighborhood and the youth), not "Cuando" as it is on the poster. This was originally in the possession of Chris Stein, who inadvertently included it with some other records he gave to Barry L. [*new*] Source of this gig and the date is a 2-set online bootleg audio recording from vivalesbootlegs. ) says the lyrics were written by Lisa Persky, and Debbie adds "by the way, the name of the song is 'Euphony'." The first song is the set is listed as "money go love", which I thought was "money no love" (a confirmed earlier title of "Fan Mail").There's room for gig flyers, ticket stubs, etc., so if you wish to contribute, please scan your item at 150-300dpi (for small items) or 72dpi or 75dpi (for larger items) and email us the image or a URL to the image.Please send all scans, additions, or corrections to Barry L. Special thanks to Chris Stein for giving us access to the itineraries in his personal collection. For your convenience, search [*new*] for changes since previous update (of 2012 Feb. Archived versions available: 2015 Mar 22 · 2014 Sep 25 · 2014 Apr 04 · 2014 Feb 17 · 2014 Jan 01 · 2012 Feb 19 · 2011 Feb 24 Stillettoes (pre-Blondie: from August 1973 to May 1974).

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