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The Data Access Layer must issue a SQL statement that will only update the record if the original values that the user started editing are identical to the values still in the database. Figure 2: For the Update or Delete to Succeed, the Original Values Must Be Equal to the Current Database Values (Click to view full-size image) There are various approaches to implementing optimistic concurrency (see Peter A.Bromberg's Optmistic Concurrency Updating Logic for a brief look at a number of options). NET Typed Data Set provides one implementation that can be configured with just the tick of a checkbox.Enabling optimistic concurrency for a Table Adapter in the Typed Data Set augments the Table Adapter's statement, for example, updates the name and price of a product only if the current database values are equal to the values that were originally retrieved when updating the record in the Grid View.As we saw in the first tutorial, doing so will add a new Table Adapter to the Typed Data Set, automatically launching the Table Adapter Configuration Wizard.In the first screen, we're prompted to specify the database to connect to - connect to the same Northwind database using the .

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