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You may want to have a service technician take a look the next time you have maintanance done to your system.If your going to run the fan continuously, you might want to look into a variable speed set up. Now the freaks are on television, the freaks are in the movies.And its no longer the sideshow, its the whole show.The colorful circus and the clowns and the elephants, for all intents and purposes, are gone, and were dealing only with the freaks.Any mechanical/forced introduction of outdoor air must be filtered.As coolwhip mentioned, consider converting your present blower to variable speed, since it runs continuously.Another choice would be to go with an ERV or HRV unit, depending on which works best for your area.

Most of the dust in your home are skin cells ( up to 70 % ). Now the freaks are on television, the freaks are in the movies.

You don't need to move air through the ducts at design velocities if you're just trying to circulate air with no heating or cooling going on.

You'll save some bucks at the electric meter with variable speed. Human skin shedding accounts for a good deal of household dust.

Pets also add a heavy dust/dander load to indoor air. Carpets shed fibers, along with furniture, clothing, curtains, etc.

Carpets are also absolute magnets for catching dust, and when you walk across the thing the dust gets stirred up again.

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Personally we are on a plan at my house to expunge all carpeting over time and replace with solid flooring products with low VOC content. Building Physics Rule #2: Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure Building Physics Rule #3: Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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