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They haven’t made things ‘red-carpet official’ yet (groan), but there’s been a tantalising breadcrumb trail in various lob-sided Snapchat videos, and a photo Turner shared to her 4.8 million Instagram followers of Jonas smoking a cigar on the back of a Miami boat.

She closes her eyes and smiles when I bring up the new boyfriend. ‘Relationships come and go, but friendship is always there.’ The process of starting a relationship can be awkward enough, it must be mortifying to have every hand-holding stroll down the street echoed back by a media chorus. It’s frustrating [that] it’s the most mundane things that make the news – how boring! ’ It was in fact Justin Bieber, not Jonas, who first stole her heart.

She shows me the tattoo she shares with co-star-turned-best friend Maisie Williams, a ‘’ stamped just below her elbow crease.

It’s the date they were cast as Arya and Sansa (at the insistence of her mother, Turner’s is in a subtle apricot-coloured ink, ‘but I’m going to get it darker,’ she warns.) The two first met when they were paired up at one of the many London auditions that followed the first one at school and got on like a house on fire.

‘I think that’s quite rare.’ I interviewed Turner’s co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister) a few weeks previously and he said he was astonished that one of them isn’t in rehab by now. I remember reading about the Harry Potter kids and thinking the same.’ Like Emma Watson, Turner doesn’t come from a family of actors. Mum Sally is a primary school teacher, Dad Andrew works for a pallet distribution company.

‘I’m impressed with how they’ve dealt with it,’ he said. The youngest in the family – she has two older brothers, James and Will – Turner was a twin, but tragically her sister didn’t survive to full term.

I will probably be fine with it…’ She cocks her head and grins, ‘Unless I look shit.’ New developments in her love life can’t be helping her fly under the radar.She deliberated for two days before telling her youngest child she’d won the role.‘She was panicking and she called my dad and was like, “Do we let her do this?For some of her darkest scenes, including the loss of Sansa’s father Ned (Sean Bean), Turner has tapped into the confusing feelings of loss for the sister she never got to meet.And it was Turner’s mother Sally who got the call from HBO in 2009 to say she’d been cast as Sansa Stark.

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‘Both of us went home and told [our mums], “I really hope that girl gets it.”’ Their friendship has eliminated the otherwise lonely experience of being a young person on a mostly adult set, but it’s also inspired a loyalty that cuts deeper than affectionate tweets and red-carpet bear hugs.

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