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“You never know who you are going to fall in love with,” Aaron said. So people need to open up their heads.” Celeste Pulju Grant and David Lawrence Grant Celeste Pulju was living in a communal house in south Minneapolis when she met David Lawrence Grant in 1972. “The guys had to cook themselves, so it was not good,” Celeste said.“So a [mutual] friend said, ‘I know where we can eat better than this.’ He brought David to our house before we connected up.” Some of Celeste’s family and friends were not happy about their decision to get married.This June will mark the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Loving v.

“Her father came to pick her up, and he did not like [it].

That’s in part, they say, because so many of the white people in their community “think that they have nothing more to learn about racism.” Meanwhile, much of Sharon’s social circle has been women-of-color-only groups.

“In some ways things have gotten more segregated,” Sharon said.

Peggie was one the first female workers at the natural gas company, and an African-American woman at that.

Richard, who is white, says he first learned of her existence because of an incident of sexual harassment Peggie experienced on the job. Paul newspaper along with their address, which was customary at the time.

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