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Some say that is an overly simplified form of how the brain functions, which it is.

To them I say make the axons 12-15% wider, resulting in signals being sent much more quickly through the brain.

Since this may also result in pain receptors working harder, we would be more sensitive to types of heat and other forms of pain. The body naturally creating endorphins to counteract pain would naturally adapt and produce either stronger endorphins or endorphins at a higher rate.

If you think a vampire or even you can drink blood without that blood or part of it being absorbed in to the body before it reaches the acid in their stomach.Then do the simple experiment of drinking about an ounce of blood from a person that has AIDS, and then go get tested for HIV three months later.If you do that experiment, you will test positive for HIV.As for regenerating as well, as cuts and bones healing in seconds, you’re on your own.Then again I can’t think of a vampire movie where one re-grew an arm or any other body part.

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Including heightened sense (both physical and psychic) moving quicker both running and walking along with arm movement etc.

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