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Who can help me on this A mroo Bonjour Amroo, You can make a fairly decent progress indicator by doing something like this: -On your userform add two labels each with a different back colour. It just stops the screen from what is known as 'Repainting'. While a Progress bar will actually slow down your code.

Set one of the labels width to 0 and make sure it is the same height and has the same left coordinate as the other one. A better opyion IMO is to put some brief text in the statusbar, eg; Application.

You can design your splash screen however you like.

Bonjour, I have a macro (Macro Import) that imports data on a spreadsheet and execute differents operations on the data. Visible = False Secondly, if you have turned off Screenupdating any 'Progess bar' will not update either.

When I click on a button import file I choose the file, so when I click on start it runs, I hide my worksheet with the code: Application. A userform it shows and I want a progressbar informs the user about the % of work? But this is a much better option as it will speed up the maco execution.

I'll research this a bit more and possibly give it a try.

If your read my previous reply to Alpha Frog, it may be possible to make three different tables for each ledger.

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