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I am aware they have to protect children welfare, however they are not putting this in context.Most parents including myself want their daughters to wear hijab but at certain age, as parents we struggle when it is the right time, without making child feel we are hindering their personality.I believe it is a normal behaviour of a young child who like to wear hijab.

We wear the headscarf only as part of retaining that modesty.I believe young girls in primary schools even young as 4 years old, have a tendency to copy their mum, elder sisters or just see other friends wearing the hijab.Girls at this age normally like to copy people they like, the way they would if someone wear a jewellery or shoes, its like a trend.I think the claim that hijab could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls is disgusting and perverted.From as early as 8 weeks’ children are able to imitate, this is usually an infant imitating their parents and generally speaking regardless of what culture, religion or belief system except a few, the mother takes a slightly greater role in the care of a child.

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Just as many young girls have an interest in makeup or dressing in a particular way because of their family members and role models that they look up to.

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