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Shivaye says I m saying about your drama, not puja.

Pinky says your birthday is coming, so we wanted this puja to happen.

He says why am I thinking, what happened to me, who were Anika’s parents and what they did, how does it matter, Anika is Anika, no, how can I forget name, blood and family, how can I forget principles and thinking, I will lose myself by changing it, if I don’t change, I will lose Anika, what to do, I have to choose between my identity and Anika.

Dadi says this is our Kulgotra puja, you also got included in our family.

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He says I have to choose between my identity and Anika.

Sahil says no, he used to make soaps and visit homes to sell it door to door. Anika comes to Sahil and asks what are you doing here.

Their sophomore long player, Albeit Living, sets the tone for a politically charged, introspective album of impassioned observations on our world today.

Musically, Albeit Living is a testament to the band’s growth in the songwriting department and effort spent fine-tuning their burgeoning compositional skills: the synth is in the forefront on this album, allowing it to shine through more powerfully than we saw on A Thousand Hands.

He says Anika, how did you come here, Khanna told me you came here. She says strange, your acting is still going on, your black eyes show truth. She says to know who are you, you tried to take my husband’s place, I want to know on whose saying you did this, I could have called police and got you arrested, but I feel you are not so bad, maybe you were helpless to do it, I want to know on whose saying you did this and why, who are you.

She asks what’s big thing, I just asked your wife’s surname.

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Their debut single entitled ‘The Ship is Sinking’ offers subtle harmonies which play with the soft guitar noise, while the lead vocal and rhythm section work together to drive the song forward in an intense and climactic fashion Featuring Sam West on vocals, who provided the voice for their performance of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ last year and a very special line-up of musicians from Pronto Mama, Roddy Hart, the Lonesome Fire, Admiral Fallow and more, this is a faithful and true celebration of one of the most seminal folk singer-songwriter albums ever recorded.

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