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"Miley Cyrus is here.""Not a good segue," remarked the husband of Jean Edelstein as they watched this.Edelstein subsequently wrote a critique of the monologue for the Guardian and wondered whether - after co-creating .Movie revolves around an annual family reunion, in which three sisters try to cope with and uncover the truth behind the mysterious demise of a 4th sister as they have promised to their father, who suffered heart attack after disappearance.When middle class housewife Sara Mayfield grows tired of being middle class, she plots the "accidental" demise of her husband to cash in on his two million dollar life insurance policy.Nearly through with his routine, David clasped his hands together on the stage and segued from the topic of sexual assaulters to Holocaust victims.

The crew board the ship, hoping to recover a freight.From stolen roots, to unscrupulous trades, to robberies and assaults, this film follows the twists and turns of the travels of the gun.Short for The Immoral Minority Picture Show, this irreverent comedy skit anthology from writer - director Scott Mansfield is an equal opportunity offender, skewering all facets of society with reckless abandon.Fatal Reunion is the story of Jennifer, a stay-at-home mom who begins to grow increasingly suspicious that her husband is having an affair.Rather than confront her husband, Jennifer looks up Marcus, an old high school crush, for help.

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