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Australia began importing workers in 1848, and the United States began using them in 1865 on the First Transcontinental Railroad construction.

The coolies who worked on the sugar plantations in Cuba and in the guano beds of the Chincha Islands (the islands of Hell) of Peru were treated brutally.During the 19th and early 20th centuries, coolie was usually a term implying an indentured labourer from South Asia, South East Asia or China.It is now a commonly-used and inoffensive word in South Asia for workers in unskilled manual labour, especially porters at railway stations.Labour-intensive industries, such as cotton and sugar plantations, mines and railway construction, in the colonies were left without a cheap source of manpower.As a consequence, a large-scale slavery-like trade in Asian (primarily Indian and Chinese) indentured labourers began in the 1820s to fill this vacuum.

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