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As well as series set in Spain and Africa, this stand-alone novel featuring an Inspector Zé Coelho tackles present-day Portugal and its dark Nazi past. Madrid You'll be hard pressed to find a stranger sleuth than Carlos Clot, but then nothing is simple in Rafael Reig's Madrid.

His Ed Loy, a private eye who learnt his trade in LA, brings West Coast thrills to the Irish scene. Yorkshire Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone is revered as much for its sophisticated plot as for its status as the first British detective story.It's the double act – love story, even – of his misanthropic policeman and Edinburgh itself that make them so popular. Northern Ireland Cosy crime is the term for the Agatha Christie strain of the genre, but it can be twisted to strange ends.Ian Samson's Mobile Library series features the hapless librarian Israel Armstrong as he solves mysteries and collects fines in Antrim.Jakob Arjouni's books are fast-paced and grimly realistic thrillers that take their underworld setting seriously. Amsterdam Inspector Piet Van der Valk is a solid successor to Maigret, surfing the changes to Dutch culture from the early 1960s to 1972, when his author killed him off.Nicolas Freeling was British, but his books couldn't be more European. Berlin No list of supersleuths would be complete with Emil Tischbein, the serious young hero of Erich Kästner's children's classic.

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Joensuu served in the Helsinki police for 35 years, and his unforced realism and sympathetic stance makes Harjunpaa one of the most appealing sleuths around. St Petersburg Another period piece, this time by the British author RN Morris, who cheekily borrows Dostoevsky's detective Porfiry Petrovich from Crime and Punishment.

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