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In 1965, Indonesia had the world's third-largest communist party after China and the Soviet Union, with several million members, and the country's President, the charismatic Sukarno, was vociferously socialist and anti-American.US officials despaired of Indonesia's apparently unstoppable drift into the communist fold and were ecstatic when conservative generals imposed martial law in Jakarta, seized state radio and set out to annihilate the country's communist party on the pretext that it had tried to overthrow the government.

Ansor, the youth arm of Nahdlatul Ulama, was responsible for “brutal attacks” on communists, according to a 10 December 1965, cable, but also caused problems by doing the same to non-communists involved in personal feuds with its members.According to Nasution, the army had already executed many cadres, but this information, he said, must be closely held because the army needed more time to break the communists.The memo described Nasution as alarmed that reports of atrocities had been leaked to the Malaysian press. Mr Moore's holiday from hell started when he flew out of Adelaide on Tuesday bound for Cocos Island.He was flown to Perth, but the connecting flight was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for Thursday. Virgin offered to reschedule his flight a fourth time but due to the stress, he gave up and flew back home to Adelaide. What was supposed to be a birthday present to his sister, who lived on the island, turned into a disappointing experience for both of them. He said fellow passengers were also mistreated by the airline, all forced to suffer through days of travel, and poor communication from the airline.

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In Bali alone, some 10,000 people had been killed by mid-December, including the parents and distant relatives of the island's pro-communist governor, and the slaughter was continuing, the cable said.

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