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She was giving me material that I couldn't get from girls much older and with way more experienced. Working with someone like Tara Babcock can give you the images you need to launch your photography career." "After shooting with Tara Babcock you will bask in the afterglow for days.

Her bubbly, can-do attitude is a delight to have on a set, and I can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again.

As it turned out, another model I'd worked with before was also available so some of our shoots were done in tandem.

I can only begin to describe the qualities that Tara brings to a shoot.

Coming out of school, Tara knew she was destined for more than an average nine-to-five lifestyle, and instead decided to use her beauty and natural business sense to become a model.

Tara Babcock sets a whole new standard in the glamour modeling industry with her unrivaled physical perfection, intense energy, and drive to be the best.

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I have worked with Tara on three occasions and she has been and excellent model for every shoot. That is the emotion men get when they look at her images." "If you want to be successful in the glamour photography business you need images from the top models.

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