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She said, “We worked in the zoo, and we were cutting down this widow-maker tree that had been hit by lightning and had to come down. '” In an unusual move, Steve and Terri brought a friend with them on their honeymoon.

For his sixth birthday, Steve received a huge present – a 12-foot long scrub python.

Stephen Robert Irwin did not become the Crocodile Hunter overnight, however, from a young age he seemed destined to achieve this fate.

He did not have a globally broadcasted series yet but became infatuated with animals at a young age.

As Steve grew older and became more skilled around his scaly friends, he took on more and more responsibility in the park.

He became a volunteer with Queensland’s East Coast Crocodile Management program which gave him even more hands-on opportunities wrestling, capturing, and caring for crocodiles.

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In honor of International Diamond Day, on Saturday, August 12, Irwin shared a photo on Instagram wearing a very special “diamond” on her ring finger. Just found out that it is #International Diamond Day! While Irwin, 19, and Powell, 20, are not engaged just yet, they are constantly raving about one another and their relationship on social media, in particular during holidays and each other’s birthdays.

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