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Every time she imparts a new piece of information, she reaches for her files – for a soldier’s statement, a report – and searches for the exact line that proves she’s telling the truth.It’s as if she’s afraid of not being believed, and so she speaks in a clipped, encyclopedic tone, only referring to the facts she can prove – like a cop, investigating the murder of someone she’s never met.He hadn’t been working there that day, and had assumed that if there’d been a break-in, he’d have heard about it.Then the HET uncovered a statement from a soldier saying they had indeed broken into the shop to take shelter.

They championed each other’s work, lending private and public support.

As always, the catch was in the small print: When a family receives the HET’s report on their loved one’s murder, the opening lines state that they have “reviewed” the original police investigation to see if there were any opportunities for follow-up. Nearly twenty years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, a key milestone in Northern Ireland’s peace process, many of those left behind by the dead feel largely forgotten.

* * * ne Wednesday morning in February 2017, some of these family members gathered in a building situated opposite a graveyard near Belfast City Center.

She’d thought the witness must have imagined the break-in.

There’d certainly been rumors about it, but she’d dismissed them after speaking to one of the shop’s employees.

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