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On this web page I tried to show as many of these as possible.

This is the 500,000th military vehicle It was manufactured by General Motors of Canada at it's Oshawa Ontario plant.

It doesn't show anything for 28 or 29 (I would assume because of low production?

) but shows 28 different models for 30, 31 and 32, all starting with a "T" , a "W" or an "X"(T10 thru T50, sometimes with letters after number, W200 and 300 and X300) About half have the engine used listed; if more definite info doesn't show up, and it's a 30 to 32 with a model number, Good luck.

The Model T being one of the most famous with it's Model TT.At some unspecified point the owner got in trouble with some Chicago bent nose boys, and, in the middle of the night packed up his family in that truck and snuck outta Chicago. Like Jack Blackburn of Carlsbad Cabinet did the cab @ a cost of ,000.He went as far away as he could, Chula Vista, CA; where he opened Chula Vista Transfer. That a company that advertised in the hot rod magazines - com - rebuilt the engine, ,500.Other manufactures of the automobile also discovered this market.There were also a number of independent truck manufactures both large and small.

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