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Generally speaking, Openbox is certainly light weight yet configurable, but it’s not the easiest desktop environment to use.

It really is for people who value a strong sense of minimalism and can work with it, or those who have low powered systems or are paranoid about wasting their high powered systems’ resources on the desktop environment.

The Linux version of Chrome works just like Chrome on Windows, offering all the same Chrome extensions, Google account sync, and multi-process features. Chrome will be the only way to get a modern, updated Flash for Linux in the future as Adobe ends support for Firefox’s plugin architecture. A 2009 discussion from Google’s official Chrome development list asked “You can get Chrome from Google’s website.

Many Linux distributions also include the Chromium browser in their software repositories.

Unlike other desktop environments, Openbox doesn’t “distract” you with a desktop with panels, shortcuts, and other “bells and whistles”. As far as desktop environment features go, this is where the list already ends.

Even I’m not quite comfortable enough to use xmonad myself, but the video I embedded above amazes me every time I watch it.

Both are very lightweight (yes, lighter than Xfce or even LXDE), which is perfect for squeezing every ounce of performance out of your system while possibly increasing your productivity.

Openbox, unlike xmonad, offers a traditional “programs-go-in-windows” concept – but it certainly strips that concept down to the basics.

When you first run Openbox, you may be wondering why nothing is loading.

You may be surprised to learn that Openbox has already loaded completely: it’s normal to see absolutely nothing besides a solid-color background.

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