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The DHS issued a memo in which it noted that intelligence indicated 'an order to have Senator Rubio assassinated' while cautioning that 'no specific information regarding an assassination plot against Senator Rubio has been garnered thus far.'The memo goes on to speculate that Cabello may have contacted 'unspecified Mexican nationals' as part of a plan to harm Rubio, though no specific evidence is cited.Rubio has been assigned a beefed-up security detail in recent weeks after US intelligence reportedly learned that a former Venezuelan military chief, Diosdado Cabello (above), put out a hit on the Republican senator The government's heightened state of alert was prompted by a back-and-forth Twitter war between Rubio and Cabello.

Political opponents have been rounded up and arrested while the regime has given itself sweeping dictatorial powers amid violent protests on the streets.

Speaking in Cornwall today as part of his national tour to drum up support following the election, Mr Corbyn was asked if he will finally change his position and condemn the regime after the UN found the security forces are behind dozens of deaths.

But he offered limp words merely saying he dislikes all violence.

Cabello was a confidant of Chavez, with both men having participated in a failed coup attempt in 1992.

Rubio is a vociferous critic of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (above), the socialist leader of the South American country who has tightened his grip on power despite being deeply unpopular due to a failing economy, food and medicinal shortages He is currently a powerful political operative who exerts considerable influence over the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.'We're not surprised by threats from the empire, from its chief Trump,' Cabello wrote Saturday on Twitter.'In the face of such deranged imperial threats, each person should man their trench.

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