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Why does she give up from her hair that brings so much money to her?At that time, she said ”I went into a hairdresser in New York, when I went out, my hair were short, and I felt very relaxed.” Actually, yes, she clearly says that she cuts off her hair for ‘getting rid of some things and lightening’. Before long, the truth behind haircutting begins to emerge. When we look at the way the hair cuts, we see that it has not been much attention. When I see Tuba’s dress I said that suddenly cut hair, black clothes can be a sign of a depression. Perhaps the fame that she lived has begun to come heavily.Several dozen journalists, including prominent columnists, lost their jobs as a result of such pressure during the year, and those who remained had to operate in a climate of increasing self-censorship and media polarization.In 20 the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) ranked Turkey as the worst journalist jailer in the world (ahead of Iran and China), with 49 journalists sitting in jail in 2012 and 40 in 2013.‘Haircut’ is the sign of the dark clouds flying over the happy couple.Moreover, those hair; Thanks to the shampoo ads, Tuba Büyüküstün has gained big money.Twitter's 2014 Transparency Report showed that Turkey filed over five times more content removal requests to Twitter than any other country in the second half of 2014, with requests rising another 150% in 2015.Regional censorship predates the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

If no objection was made, the Sultanate would then inspect them.A famous Turkish actor and UNESCO goodwill ambassador Murat Yildirim has arrived in Tbilisi.The celebrity is in Georgia due to an invitation by the “Dimitri Tsintsadze Fund”, a charity organization, with the intention of helping children of a neighboring country who suffer from leukemia.DATE NOVEMBER 8, 2015: Tuba Büyüküstün receives the ‘Best Actress’ award at the ‘International Giuseppe Sciacca Awards’ ceremony in the Vatican. DATE 2 FEBRUARY 2017: Tuba Büyüküstün and Onur Saylak are making a joint statement.The statement: “The news made without respect for the privacy of our family life is lie and slander, and the necessary legal action has been taken in relation to this unfounded news flow.

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