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Personally, I'm not sure about Chanyeol and Joy but it's not Irene-D.

EXID Hani and JYJ Junsu became Korean Celebrity world’s first official couple in 2016.

Hani’s side confirmed the relationship by, “With the hit of ‘Up & down’ last year, all of a sudden there was a big change in situation and Hani was inexperienced in many parts as to how to deal with it but, (Junsu) at that time, who had correct judgement more than anyone else, became a person of influence [or strength] (to her) to be able to focus on work furthermore, naturally they developed (to become) lovers.” It is said that Hani and Junsu developed their relationship since last year June.

Junsu, who was starring at that time in musical ‘Death note’, invited Hani and she went to see together with her mother.

Once news broke, both sides quickly confirmed it and revealed that the two are indeed dating.

The relationship is reportedly around 6 months in, with the two bonding over their shared musical interests and career.

The ball drops on Times Square as a tradition of ringing in the new years, and for the last few years Korean tabloid Dispatch has had the tradition of breaking a surprising K-ent dating news on New Years Day.

For 2016, this one is likely a doozy for K-pop fans but less so for K-drama viewers as neither are active in the small screen acting world. Dispatch snapped pictures of the couple entering and exiting Junsu or his manager’s apartment for dates on several occasions in the past month.

Chanyeol-Joy (T/N: the 2 "couples" below are mentioned a few times among knets but their articles normally get lots of downvotes : S) 4. O-Irene Dispatch said that there were 2 other Exo members who were currently dating. O and Irene, but I'm expecting Chanyeol and Joy to be dating.In 2011, Telisu released a single “Our Secret”, which many believe is about her secret relationship with Junsu.Then in 2013, Junsu released a single “Chocolate Girl” which many believe is about Telisu.If Junsu’s enlistment into the army takes place in the first half of (2016), Hani will become Gomushin too early.Within confirming her relationship with Junsu, Hani expressed her feelings of love and gratitudes towards her lover.

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